design | Maja Ganszyniec & Krystian Kowalski

dw 2015 en

LINK is a concept of modular furniture designed for modern office spaces and public areas. It can be arranged any way you want depending on the size and function of the room. Upholstered screens can be used for dividing open spaces into separate zones and silencing them. Additional elements complementing the collection are pouffes, tables, leafl et stands and a newspaper stand.

Available bases:

  • Wooden legs – natural oak
  • Legs fi nished with hard plastic gliders

Tops of the tables, pouffes and boxes are made of plywood laminated with white HPL (plywood structure is visible along the edges). Table legs and the pole of the rotating table are made of natural oak. Accessories – newspaper stand, small and large leafl et stands, mounting of the rotating table and the fl owerpot box – are made of sheet metal powdercoated in white.

Basic module: seat + back + high screen | MP:…
Basic module: seat + back + low screen | MP:…
Corner module: corner seat + corner back + high screen…
Corner module: corner seat + corner back + low screen…
Pouffe | PU
Pouffe with top | PUB
Box with top | SKB
Box with flower pot SKD
Table | ST
Rotating table | STO
Newspaper stand | GZ
Small leaflet stand | UM
Big leaflet stand | UD