Who we are


Based on entirely Polish capital, our company has been successfully operating in the market for 37 years. Since our first line of furniture was produced we have been constantly developing and expanding our offer with new, original projects. Today our ​​furniture is sold in 276 stores in 36 countries.

Creating with passion

The mission of Marbet Style is to provide beautiful objects made to original, unique and unconventional designs. Our products stand for more than just the latest fashion trends or functionality. In our vision, furniture can fulfil our clients’ dreams of beautiful interiors with an individual soul.

Marbet Style is a project pursued by people with passion who value their creative independence and have a fresh look at everyday objects. We support young Polish designers as they allow us to offer our clients genuine works of art with striking colours, unusual textures and avant-garde shapes.


The technologies we implement are fully environment-friendly. As we love good design, we constantly seek new ways of expression that would best render the designer’s unique vision. While pursuing this goal, we also respect our natural environment as its original forms provide an inexhaustible source of inspiration.